Accu-Turn Benchmarks

Welcome! Please review our services & equipment  while you consider Accu-Turn's quality and reliability to fill your next precision machining requirement.

Proven Performance: Over 30 Years of Precision Machining
Long-term, repeat customers appreciate our on-time delivery and quality
at competitive prices. We welcome prototyping—even one piece trials.

Focus on Future Growth
Ongoing expansion and upgrading of programmable equipment keeps
Accu-Turn poised to meet our customers’ changing machining requirements.

Personal Touch in Customer Service
Frequent communications ensures that we exceed our customers’
expectations. Contact us whether your job is a short or long run. Our
scheduling is flexible to best meet your needs whether that is J.I.T.
or deferred in our onsite, secure warehouse.

Continuous Quality
Our long-term, skilled staff provides consistent inspections and quality
control measures throughout every project to ensure exactness in every
detail to your unique specifications.